Your new gourmet gathering led by 4 talented chefs


    During the Flavor Match, taking place from September 8 to October 28, four celebrity chefs are reinventing the world’s most famous burger sauces. Organized by the Japanese beer company Asahi, we will tell you more about this new competition that is not to be missed!

    Attention burger lovers! The competition Flavors match I organized it beer The world’s most consumed Japanese cuisine, ultra-dry Asahi, pays homage to the ancient king of street food. They have four talented chefs 20 International Burger Sauces Revisitedready to delight your taste buds in nine cities in France and more than 300 cities Restaurants Partners until October 28. (Re)discover them.

    Who are the chefs participating in this new competition?

    Three of them have names you’ve probably already heard somewhere since they’re old Top Chef nominees. These are the leaders Chloe Charles, Gianmarco Gurni and Jarvis Scott. Asahi also called for their support in this adventure Shaw Miyashita, a chef who has achieved great success in France since 2020. Each of these big names was assigned five countries, and they had to claim their colors with a sauce of their own composition. For example, chef Chloé Charles defends the French and Portuguese flags, Gianmarco Gurni is inspired by Italy and Uruguay, Sho Miyashita promotes the Japanese and Chilean colours, while Jarvis Scott presents Sauces Inspired by South Africa as well as England. Feel free to come and support a burger with your favorite country sauce!

    Special chef-style sauces

    Everyone has their own personal way of cooking. What do they have in common? They like Food street And new flavors to share. Italian chef Gianmarco, who excels in unconventional cuisine with pop and street influences, creates innovative sauces using the icons we love so much from street food. Strong in her commitment to more sustainable cuisine, Chef Chloe champions gourmet recipes with delicious sauces, as in her French burger. Cantal cream with pickles Chef Shu, who is proud of his Japanese origins, has not forgotten to bring with him his original touch and experience in Japanese cooking. Bringing together innate cuisine with British accents, Chef Jarvis combines bold sauces for his five burger recipes.

    Where can you taste these world-class burgers?

    You can now experience the Paris experience in the restaurant 212 And Albiscorno, but also in Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne and Lille. You will also have the opportunity to accompany your selection with a cold, very dry Asahi beer. Obviously, alcohol should be consumed in moderation! Find partner bars near you here.