You’re probably cutting these fruits and vegetables the wrong way


    Wrong tool, dangerous posture, botched start… You’re probably cutting these fruits and vegetables incorrectly. Heres how to do it.

    Chopping fruits and vegetables can be a difficult exercise. To avoid injuries but also to be more efficient and quick, and so as not to change the taste of your food, discover the simple tips and instructions to follow.

    These fruits and vegetables are cut poorly due to bad tools

    Cutting fruits and vegetables does not necessarily involve a “knife”. In fact, its use may be contraindicated in some cases. For kiwi For example, it is not the best utensil, it is better to use a spoon so as not to crush it. But of course you must first cut off both ends. For pomegranateThe process is the same: cut it in half to remove all the seeds, better with a spoon in a bowl. And For asparagusDo not choose a knife to remove the feet but take the ends in your hands: you will only have to bend them until they break on their own. On the contrary, do not choose your hands to open Orange or clementine : Cut the two ends, then make an incision from top to bottom.

    Cutting fruits and vegetables: These are dangerous habits

    Due to their round shape, some fruits and vegetables are dangerous to cut because they can slip. Particular caution must be taken with Mango for example. Cut the end so that the fruit is flat, then cut it in half and make slits in both directions without cutting the skin. You will only have to remove the skin with your hands to get the mango cubes. For watermelon It is also best to start by cutting both ends of the fruit before cutting it into 2, then 4, and so on. And for squashPlace a cloth underneath before cutting to avoid injury and slipping.

    The importance of the first step in cutting these fruits and vegetables

    For some foods, it’s all about knowing where to start cutting. Contrary to popular belief, for example, you shouldn’t start by removing the finishOnion Because it allows you to better control your cuts. Alternatively, cut it in half and remove the layers using the end to help you. related PepperDo not remove the stem: cut it in half and remove the core and stem second. This will help you remove all the seeds before slicing the food.

    Cutting fruits and vegetables that change their taste

    Not only can you complicate your life by cutting fruits and vegetables incorrectly, or even hurt yourself, but you can also affect their taste. For pineappleYou should especially remember to remove their “eyes”, what remains after removing the peel, because this part is difficult to chew and this changes the flavor of the fruit. For eggplantCutting them with a blunt knife can cause the vegetables to oxidize, and the slices will turn black. Also try cutting them into large slices crosswise (they will decrease in size as they cook).

    Cutting fruits and vegetables: tips you should know

    If you are used to exfoliation Your carrotsKnow that it is not necessary to do this to eat it. Moreover, most of the nutrients are found in the skin. It is also recommended to keep the peel of zucchini, apples, pears, cucumbers or even zucchini. Another tip to know: cutting Cherry tomatoes, olives and grapesPlace them between two plates. You won’t have to cut them one by one!